As a dog trainer with 40 years of experience, trained homeopath, former veterinary assistant and certified German/English translator I am happy to provide

  • Individual Dog Training
  • Puppy scent imprinting 
  • Canine Whole-Health Consulting
  • Translation Services For Breeders
  • Avidog APET Litter/Puppy Evaluations

With my first Standard Wire-Haired Dachshund "Springwood's Willi Cinna" I have found a perfect companion, working dog with strong character and big dog attitude, in a compact, travel-friendly body.

We love our German Working Dogs and put great emphasis on breed specific training.
We train and work our dogs ourselves as we believe that teamwork and  work ethic will build, improve and remain with one handler/dog team only.
Our dogs are only shown for conformation evaluation once according to European (FCI) breeding standards.
we strongly believe function defines form.

Promoting the work-ability of this breed, we strive to inform and educate the public about the necessity of safe training and instinct work With our newly formed Alberta Jagdteckel Association.

Here in Alberta it is illegal to hunt with dogs.

We are currently working on promoting ethical, leashed blood-tracking for the purpose of finding wounded animals.
We thank United Blood Trackers,  as well as other experienced blood-trackers from Canada, Europe and the U.S.A. to support us in these efforts.

our dogs are trained on artificial blood-tracks and compete in Tracking, Earthdog and Dachshund field trials.

Puppies from our litters have proven to track (on leash) deer, moose and bear. So Far, Our dogs achieved tracking dog titles in 3 generations.

We have not trained our dogs on wild boar, nor do we train them to hunt large predators like cougar or wolverine and we will not sell our puppies for these purposes.

The dog world is evolving fast and learning never stops. In 2018 I finished my Canine Herbal Specialist certificate, A Pet Nutrition Specialist Certificate, my Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist Certificate. 
to demonstrate our highest commitment to safe breeding and the most advanced practices in raising working puppies, I became an avidog associate breeder in March 2019. and an APET PUPPY EVALUATOR in JUly 2019 and have since evaluated beautifully raised litters of various breeds.

While big steps in research on dog behaviour have improved our training methods, we must not forget that a wealth of information on healthy rearing and feeding was readily available long before commercialization of dog products even existed.
Thus our feeding methods have remained the same since 1978, our training is much more gentle and precise then it was almost 40 years ago. we believe that most training tools can be helpful, when used appropriately, but the best tool is motivation.

Our dogs are part of our family and treated with respect.
As such our breeding program is of quality not of quantity and well considered;
A passion and love for the healthy, smart and versatile Dachshund with great work ethic.
We very much appreciate exchange with working dog enthusiasts and breeders all over the world.

Health Tested

Temperament Tested

Certified Working Dogs


Naturally Reared

Home Raised 

To Honour

Original Breed Standard

and Purpose


We are member of the following organizations:

The Canadian Kennel Club

Alberta Jagdteckel Association

Dachshund Fanciers of Southwestern Washington

United Blood Trackers

We are located in the beautiful province of Alberta

We promote international breeder and dog handler exchange to constantly improve our skills and knowledge.

Springwood's Willi Cinna's Master EArthdog Pin, Provided by PEAA