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  • Individual Dog Training
  • Canine Whole-Health Consulting
  • Translation Services For Breeder
  • Puppy Or Litter Evaluations

Emails with Price inquiries only, will not be answered.
inquiries for fur babies or designer wieners need not to be made ..
We do not sell breeding dogs. 
Our dogs retire with us.
IF you don't care about prey drive, Breed and Coat or need to please your guilt, 
please adopt at your local shelter.

if you are looking for a healthy, prey-driven hunting dog, and intend to nuture these traits for 10-16 years, please use contact form below.

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STARTING JANUARY 2021,  we are only accepting applications from INDIVIDUALS WORKING FOR professional wildlife conservation SERVICES, enforcement and emergency services, educated hunters and experienced trainers.

IF YOU HAVE ALREADY EXPRESSED YOUR INTEREST you will be contacted shortly.

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Gord and Christiane Benoit

780 - 292 -0779


Alberta, Canada

We would be happy to assist you with any Dachshund Training Question.

To learn more about blood-tracking and traditional Dachshund jobs check out 

Jolanta Jeanneney's blog:

Born-To-Track News & Views

For excellent hand-made

 blood-tracking collars and Harnesses from Austria, visit

 Maria's Halsbandwerkstatt

Please contact me, if you wish to add an order from Canada.