Ahornzwinger's Puppies - All Grown Up - Success Stories

"The goal of a reputable breeder is

to better the breed, health wise and work wise.
If puppies, placed in the right hands for meaningful training,
are more successful in health, conformation and work, then their parents, 
the breeder's goal is achieved."


A - LITTER - Born February 27, 2017 

Parents: SpringWood's Willi Cinna CGN, ME, TD; Sfk, BHP1; 3x Absolute Winner Field Trials 

and Koko Von Der Unteren Harzstrasse FCI Sfk, BHP1, CGC


Ahornzwinger's Alice UBT1, CGC, CA, JE

with owner Tara

achieved her Junior Earthdog Title

on June 25, 2018.

She previously earned following titles:

United Blood Tracker 1

Canine Good Citizen

Chase Ability

and placed 4th and 2nd in her first Field Trials.

She is so far the most accomplished Puppy out of our A-Litter.

We are very proud and Thankful to HAndler/Owner Tara.

Photo Courtesy of Dian Stafford-Gilmour

On July 2, 2018 Ahornzwinger's Alice is the first dachshund in CANADA (!!)

titled NOVICE SPRINter (NS)! She voices on the sprint like a fantastic field dog.

Later in Summer 2018 Ahornzwinger's Alice was the first Dachshund in Canada to be

titled Sprinter (S)!

In September 2018 she Achieved her Senior Earthdog title with her owner Tara!

We are amazed at this incredible team!

 At 18 months she is  Ahornzwinger's Alice UBT 1, CGC, CA, JE, NS, S, SE


Ahornzwinger's Annelieschen,  Annie, 

 is a Family Dog and Successful Blood-Tracker in Michigan, U.S.A.

Ahornzwinger's ABBO Drake,

 is a Family Dog and has newly discovered the Sprinter Sport in Calgary, ALBerta. He Also practices Earthdog and Chase Ability.


Two weeks before her 2nd birthday, Tara and Alice did it again!

Under watchful eye of judge cliff schrader, they mastered their UBT 2 test 

in 60 degrees temperature difference from home, in Texas!

We are so grateful to tara to bring alice this far in her training just under 2 years of age.

We proudly announce Miss Alice is now officially:

Ahornzwinger's Alice, 




Ahornzwinger's Alice

In June 2019, Ahornzwinger's Alice and Tara Bear achieved the Master Earthdog Title,, in Okotoks, Alberta.

In August 2019, Ahornzwinger's Alice together with her gifted owner/handler Tara Bear had tremendous Success at the North American Teckel Club (NATC) tests in Quebec.

She passed her Gun-shyness, The water Retrieval Test, ThE FCI 2o hour aged artifical Blood-Track Test, the BHP-G (various components of obedience, search, hunting) and even received a "Vorzueglich" - Excellent Conformation Rating.

Alice is now Recommended for Breeding By FCI Standards.

We are So Happy and also Proud of what these two have achieved!

Ahornzwinger's Alice CGC; UTB1, UTB2; NS, S, CA, CAX, SE, ME; Sfk, WA.T., SCHWHK, BHPG

Formwert: Vorzueglich

B-Litter - Born September 2, 2018 

Parents: Yogi Vom Moosbach-Zuzelek UTB2 and Koko von Der Unteren Harzstrasse FCI Sfk, BHP1; CGC

At 12 Month

Ahornzwinger's Bartok Hugo

 is now an adventure Dog and goes hiking, blood-Tracking and enjoys Nature. He lives in Colorado, U.S.A..

Ahornzwinger's Blume Zimbali,

is tracking and hunting Rabbits and RATS.  She Loves climbing trees and Has a very Beautiful, Active Life on the 777 Ranch in Hondo, Texas, U.S.A. 

Ahornzwnger's Bruckner Murdock

is blood-tracking and fishing with his owner in Washington, U.S.A. 

ahornzwinger's Birke
is a companion to her active owner in Penoka, Alberta. The Two enjoy going on Fishing Trips together. Birke is a whirlwind like her mom Koko and needs to tackle some obedience lessons yet..