Breeder: Brigitte Walkey

Born: June 25, 2012

Sire: Am FCh Billy von Moosbach-Zuzelek, SchwhK, Wa-T, BHP1-3, Sfk, Deer Search Certified

Dam: Aus Ch, Can Ch, Am FCh Ozbree Penelope Spring-Wire, SE, RATO 

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Colour: Dark Wildboar

Chest Circumference: 46 cm

Working Certificates: CGN, ME, TD (CKC); Sfk, BHP-1 (FCI)

Show Rating: Sehr Gut (Very Good)

Free of crd-Pra; OI carrier.

Willi carries Black/Tan and Wildboar Coat Genes.

Genetic profile at: Paw Print Genetics

SG - Springwood's Willi Cinna - CGN, ME, TD (CKC); BHP-1, Sfk (NATC/FCI)

Willi is approved for breeding by FCI Standards.

He is registered with CKC and AKC.

Willi is not available for breeding.

Willi is a serious hunter; very energetic, masculine working dog with excellent work ethic. He has a very nice short and wiry coat and prominent beard.

Willi has passed a gun steadiness test (Sfk) and Begleithundepruefung (BHP-1), a companion dog/temperament test with traffic assureness, at the North American Teckel Club, under German Dachshund Club (DTK) testing regulations.

He achieved his Master Earthdog title in September 2016 and his Tracking Dog title in October 2016.


On May 20th, 2017 he was "Absolute Winner" at field trials at Winlock Hound Grounds, Washington, U.S.A.

On May 19 and May 20, 2018 Willi Achieved "Absolute Winner" at the Castle Rock Field Trials in Washington, USA (both days.)

His daughter Ahornzwinger's Alice was close behind and placed second.

Willi is now working towards the new Master Earthdog Excellence Title.

Willi also enjoys water retrieval.

We love his fearless character, yet gentle temperament.

We offer him for breeding to suitable, healthy females as we believe he will improve coat quality, endurance and temperament in this strong-willed breed.  

We love Willi for his particular attributes:

- Strong work/hunting ethic with high endurance

- Fearless character

- Very well socially balanced


- Obedient when it counts

- Home protection qualities